August 03, 2007

MotoLiam on!

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the compliments about the article! That was really fun to put together, and I guess compared to some of the other guys, I might have been a bit long-winded, hahaha. But the company is great! Stuart Shelton, Michael Bartolomy, and more great GP folk to come! And although I have no idea when that photo was taken (probably Assen, because I was having trouble with my eyes), it looked cool!

I'm putting together a little thank you project for Ducati USA and Oakley and I hope it turns out as well as some of the photos. Gotta stay busy during the summer break! The main problem I feel I've been running into is the traffic in the Bay Area. Seems like I lose so much time commuting and trying to touch base with people. It's been great. Obviously, I'm not riding the Sport 1000 S right now, but instead have access to a 999S, on full Ohlins with the awesome four pad calipers. It rides like a dream, and I'm loving it. In fact, I've been burning it up a little bit and not getting enough things done just because I like riding it so much!

I really want to say that I've had a fabulous time meeting with you guys around town, at Ace, or Lucky 13, even Zeitgeist! It's just hanging out and talking bikes again (in English!) that feels good, and without the pressure of a race or a workday tomorrow, I'm really trying to revel in the holiday. Which is weird, because although I spend a couple hours a day on the phone and writing correspondence with people, I find I'm still behind on the emails. Even weirder, I know the Japanese are working 36 hours a day to get ready for Brno and the rest of the season. It's a shame that Europe closes for August . . . . but we'll see what happens as the season plays out. Not much time left until we're back in full swing! Time to ride!


I`m biased as Hell Liam. But ain`t the 999 as good as it gets? Enjoy yer days, for the second half draws nearer.

i've heard the 999s is as addictive as some illegal drugs: BEWARE ;)

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