October 18, 2007

Hot and Heavy in Malaysia

Back to Kuala Lumpur for some good foods and crazy shopping times. We landed on Monday at dawn, spent two days traversing the shopping areas of the city (which vary incredibly, from super high-end luxury malls, to digustingly dirty open stalls). The racetrack looks good, but I haven't had a chance to check out the resurfaced areas. It has been raining every afternoon, massive showers the last two days around 4PM, but a light shower today just after 1PM. Might make things tricky for Qualifying and Practice, as heavier showers are expected.

Rock out to this jam, which I heard on Lele's iPod (piped through the rental van's sound system).


Spent some time with a few of the guys who won't be coming back to the series next season, and the feelings are a little bit like a high school friend going away to college. I simply can't believe there's only two races left. I remember how long this war looked back in March and April. It'll be over before I know it, and then onwards and upwards. Oh well, at least I got my coconut.


Hey Liam,

nice entry. I stop by every 1-2 days and am always stoked to read about your journeys.

Keep on blogging mate and good luck for the race at Sepang.

GREAT TITLE!!!!!!!!You have to listen and watch"the richest man of babylon"(thievery coporation,too!Greetings to you,lele and andrea┬┤....

Great camera Liam .lol
Hot race! Looking forward to your next write-up. Congrats on making it out of there in one piece. G

Wish I went for the Pit-Walkabout instead so that I could say hi to you but KLCC was calling me. Anyway, hope you had a great time and if there's any winter test in Sepang, I will try to make my way down and say hi to you.. Take care! =P

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