October 30, 2007

Off To Valencia

Sepang's write-up will have to wait, because it's time for me to jump into Felix' Mercedes station wagon and bomb down to Valencia at high speed. Hopefull we take the coastal route that I once took with Raul Jara in late 2005. To keep the energy up along the way, I'll be listening to a wide range of music, with a couple choice tracks from the Shoot 'Em Up soundtrack, and also these two:

GP07 Valencia 1-- I love MotoGP, I love the racing. This simple, high-energy song makes me smile - just like the races. I'm going into Valencia to finish this season that I started so long ago.

GP07 Valencia 2-- The Remix! I'm going to Valencia to put the wrap on 2007, as next season begins for me officially on November 5th. Bring on 2008!


i LOVE that song. I actually thought it was the latest Madonna when I heard it first !
But the remix sux imho :)

GOOD LUCK for the final round of GP07! Hope things go well for you & "Alice Team" in the off-season.

Hey Liam,
Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! Few get to live their dream such as you are. Good on ya Mate!
Hope Valencia is good for you and team.

Hey Liam. It`s currently 530 AM on the Eastern coast in the States and I`m watching Barros via Live Timing(FP3) wring what he can out of his bike for the second day in a row. Spectacular. I look forward to a fine end to an overall remarkable season for you and the team tomorrow. Best of luck, Greg

HEHEHEHE!!!! Just saw you behind CHaz Davies!!!

Yeah I saw you too! Watched the Race with a friend when I was laughing out loud and telling him "hey look, that´s Liam!"... he was like "wtf are you talking about?"

Internet is a great thing.

I think it was a good race by Alex, Pitty Señor Davies couldn't race...

Now, the main thing is to know whether you'll be there next year or what as the team seems to be pushed forward by the new agreements and changes...

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