January 22, 2008

Slow start - but it's going to snowball from here!

Tough way to start the season, coming out so slow on the first day, but I guess it was better than it could have been.

Here's to getting sorted and clicking into a higher gear!

And man . . . . we look good in Black!

Welcome to Next Season, Welcome to 2008!


YES, they look great in black, true !!!

The new livery ROCKS!

Liam -

Man, that bike looks great! Did you take the photos? Nice work if so, what equipment/lens are you using?

Thanks for the pix mate, really enjoyed them.

in no time flat, tony is going to pounce like a puma !! just watch :D

Hi Liam!
I've been seeing your site for a period and it's fantastic to have someone inside the motogp world writting for us. I liked very much those videos you put here.
Well I'm really sad that Barros is not racing with you guys and I think that now people will recognize his real talent seeing what these new guys are doing, including Melandri.
I hope things turn around.

Good Luck Liam!


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