February 25, 2008

Time to Run - off to Qatar

I'll be updating with IRTA Jerez photos and thoughts sometime later this week while I'm in Qatar. There's a lot of information that I'm still sorting through, and the work rolled right along through this past week. I should have some personal time soon, between the Qatar Test and the Qatar GP, because we'll be staying in Doha the entire time instead of heading back to Europe in between. We have our first "Night Test" in just a couple of days, and hopefully that will get us pointed in the right direction because the first race of the season is upon us, in two weeks! I had a few days here in BCN, with constant construction noise waking me early while our building underwent renovation to the water supply lines. That meant no running water from 8AM til 8PM. It was trying, hahaha, but I survived to fly another day. I'll land at dawn with the rest of the Team on Tuesday morning in Doha, and then it's off to the racetrack.

Bumpy little tune for the Night Test

Mad Props to my boys and girls back home who are looking out for me - you know who you are. See you guys there (and hopefully the Ates clan, too!).



Hey Liam,
Great story and video.
Bryan and I will arrive from Abu Dhabi on Saturday morning and stay at the Ramada Hotel in Doha. We will leave again early on Monday.
Hopefully Guintoli will recover from his injuries on time.
Best rgds The Ates Family

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