March 09, 2008

24, til we know.

They bring the lights, we'll bring the fire!

By this time tomorrow night, we'll be packing up the entire garage after two weeks here in the desert. We'll know who's for real, who's on, and what the Championship will have in store for us this 2008. I can't wait. Wish I could give credit for this amazing aerial shot of the Losail Circuit, but I don't know who took it, only that it was floating around the paddock this weekend. A truly magnificent capture of this impressive event. Here's to more this year!


That photo of the illuminated track is amazing!

The bikes look fantastic out there. The riders will come along. Best wishes!!!

Ditto on the shot of the track...just beautiful. And the video of qualifying was amazing too.

The lighting makes the bikes really "pop" on camera. I wonder if this will have a ripple effect and we'll see other night races in the future. Sponsors gotta love the extra visibility this lighting gives to their logos, etc.

Great photos! The track looks amazing, and the lights bring out the bikes' livery. Did they paint them specially for Qatar?

Hi Liam,

It was good to see you in Doha, a pity we couldn't meet up.You guys had so much work to do that Bryan and I didn't feel it right to disturb you! Hopefully you are available for our annual dinner party in Assen. (This time closer to your hotel, I promis!) So far only Casey Stoner seems to get some great results out of the Ducati bike. We are confident the Alice Team will soon improve and battle for podium positions.
Good luck in Jerez
Best regards Bryan & Lex

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