May 27, 2008

C'mon Mugello. Let's do this.

Feels like I lost my best friend this weekend. My constant companion, through my walks in Barcelona, my flights around the world, my daily existence, ceased to function after I sent it through the washing machine. Naturally, I completely dismantled the unit and hit it with my room mate's hair dryer, but it was to no avail. Adios, iCarus.

I still have all the same music buried in two different computers and various spare hard drives, but putting together a play list like that one will be difficult, and I just wish I'd had more foresight to back it up regularly.

I managed to get out for several hours this past week on my GT Moto, which was a nice change of pace and definitely easier on my knees than running.

It was nice to ride something with big wheels again, rolling through the city along Diagonal, from Diagonal Mar up into the parks at the northern end of the street, past the university.

After my iPod had died, I decided to get a decent meal in before taking off to Italy. I picked an Italian place (for some reason, don't know why), and can you believe it, they put french fries on my pizza! I can understand an egg, but french fries?!?

Oh well, since we're on odd french subjects, how about this amazing Yamaha Dual-Sport I came across a few weeks ago. It's a 500cc two-stroke . . . . . and I'd love to know more about this vehicle, so if any of you have had some experience with one of these beasts, let me know.

Lastly, this wouldn't be a Mugello pumper-upper if I didn't have a A special song to go with it! It's catchy!

See you guys from the trenches with the wrenches --> And I'm off, two of the biggest races of the year, back-to-back, complete with two days of testing after Catalunya. Here's to VR46 pulling out a record breaking 7th win in a row at Mugello . . . unless my guys can somehow get up there in the mix!


Hi Liam,

It is time you enjoy a decent meal in Holland! We are all looking forward to that. For our 'Assen' banner we need some high resolution pictures of the different logos. (e.g. guintoli 50, elias 24, motoliam , team alice, ducati, pramac, d'antin etc.)
Are you or is anyone reading this blog able to help?


Best regards Kathy, Bryan, Ashley and Lex

since you mentioned your bike excursion, i thought i'd share my newest acquisition:

i picked up a 2006 cannondale scalpel 3000. it's a full suspension xc ride with 110 mm front travel and 69 mm rear.

as a fellow gearhead, you'll appreciate the engineering that went into the design of this bike. the front triangle is aluminum while the rear is carbon fiber. the feature that makes this bike unique is the cf chainstays. instead of a normal pivot here, c'dale lays the cf in a specific pattern to allow them to flex up-and-down but not side-to-side. trick. the front "fork" is also a little different. it's basically half a conventional fork. everything is packed into the left side and instead of using bushings to keep stanchion in place, it uses bearings to eliminate stiction. the fork tube is also made of cf.

but even better is that it rides great. the rear suspension takes the edge off the bumps which makes riding much more enjoyable.

good luck in mugello. stay safe

Liam... I'm pretty sure that bike is a TDR-250. Phil Douglas of Aftershocks (Bay Area reference) used to have one and I remember seeing a few more about in the City in the late 80's, early 90's. I'm pretty doggone sure Yamaha never sold a 500 version. They're way bitchen. :)


Bravo Liam....Perhaps you just saw MotoGPs story about how your team is more focused than ever. I laughed...what`s so new about the weekly determination you trench meisters have to exhibit?!

It's been a while since I read your site, man. I was in the US for a month. A great read as always. I watched the race yesterday. It's good to see VR back up there and more consistent. ;)

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