May 13, 2008


Extra Special Special!

I had a great talk last Friday with Jules (Popmonkey) of Ro2 and MotoGPod, and it's finally up online. We spent over an hour covering bits and pieces of my life, China, the situation, the race, and my girlfriend.

You can listen for yourself to this beautiful Podcast at

Eric F. (former owner of one Carvin Guitar) wrote in to me after listening, and I thought his response was so good, I'm posting it here:

". . . it was fun hearing the "saga of the Carvin". More importantly, thanks for being so honest and transparent, sharing the human side of the MotoGP circus. I'm as big of a gear head as anyone, but there is obviously more to this story than facts and figures (or motorcycles, for that matter). The fact that you are so observant of people and cultures, and so articulate at communicating your perceptions, makes my own vicarious MotoGP experience that much more rewarding. Thanks again."

Hope you all enjoy it, and while I cover some of the same things you'll see written here, there's a different dimension, tangible, and I think it helps the photos and faces shown here come alive that much more. Sorry the first 11 minutes or so are choppy and difficult to listen to, but that's just one of the constant realities I have to deal with when I'm trying to talk to my girl on Skype, and it's an accurate portrayal of the life. The show only gets better, so a special thanks to Jules for putting up with me and just listening.


enjoyed the interview very much it was great being able to actually hear your voice also here is something I have wrote for you and your special lady!
Even though you may be miles apart you will forever warm each others hearts xox Terri

Thanks, Liam. Top notch interview - made my day.

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