November 21, 2008

It's Time.

It's time for a big change, and my next challenges are just over the horizon to the West. I've decided to retire from the MotoGP World Championship at the end of the 2008 season and return to San Francisco, home of my friends and loved ones. I'm finally going home.

The decision has been in the making for more than a year, but it wasn't until Valencia in '07 that things really started happening. Key elements within our team structure changed, and 2008 was a year filled with a different energy and atmosphere, in my mind, a decided lack of the "squadra" that we'd built over the two previous seasons. It became more a question of survival and getting by, and less about the excitement and passion for the racing that had fueled us before. Obviously, it became more difficult for me to write about my experiences, as I felt increasingly more dissatisfied with many things, too close, too connected, too far away, too dis-connected. About mid-season, I stopped writing, bringing all my energies and focus inside. I will correct this in the coming months, as there is a lot to say and write about and I aim to finish the 2008 season here on my website. I owe it to my readers, and moreso, I feel I owe it to myself to complete what I started when I began all this.

Three years. It's not such a long time, but the relative feeling I have is that it's been a decade. So much I've missed out on back home, so many experiences robbed from me. In contrast, so many things I've seen and done around the world. So many people I've met along the way, some destined to be life long friends.

I'm excited to be headed back. I have new adventures in store for me, new goals. I'm bringing back all my experiences and power. I will explain in more detail soon, but for now I just wanted to write a little something and give everyone a small update.

I'm finally coming home.


Too bad Liam, since it was great reading a blog from someone on the inside. Better than writing about it from the outside.

But, it's understandable that you want to stop, since the pace must be grueling, and if you're not happy, no sense continuing.

Good luck, and thanks for the hours of reading pleasure.

Peace, and Welcome Home...


It's a decision that visibly was matured and thinked about. I know I will miss your insights and fun moments about MotoG,P but I have no doubts even more exciting news and stories are there for you :)

don't be a stranger


Liam we thank you so very much for taking us on this fantastic adventure with you via cyber space. Look forward to meeting you someday. Joe and Lisa Szt Phx Az

When I first saw you in the libreria, I thought you must be someone really brave to leave home and be like the flying Hawaian, pursuing a dream so strongly that you could put your world aside to make it true.

You encouraged me to pursue my dream at my own level (write about bikes and get in touch with people so I could gradually become better and earn a living from that) and I'll never forget that. It's always been good to see you around, to share things and chat and to discover new aspects about the MotoGp world and see things in a different way.

You are genuine and that's so rare to see nowadays...

Cuidate mucho, sé que todo te irá bien de una manera o de otra, sabes cómo pelear por lo que quieres.

Un abrazo amigo! :o)


Hi our dear Liam, once again you sound totally focused on your new adventures ahead,we will miss your write ups, we will miss being able to catch a small glimpse of you from time to time on the tv but most of all we will miss you. It just won't ever have the same atmosphere again for me because you wont be there for us to have our famous YAK.... FAMILY FOREVER ALL OUR LOVE Tezza and the clan xoxoxoxoxo

Good to hear from you again, man! Good luck next season. Hope to read more entries from you soon. Hope to see MK and NC do well next season.

Hi Liam,

MotoGP just got a little less interesting, as following your experiences over the past few years has been a wonderful vicarious adventure for the rest of us.

But I'm sure that whatever you do next will be successful thanks to the same passion you've put into MotoGP. Thanks for the posts, the interviews on MotoGPod, for taking time to say hello in the paddock and pit lane.

Good luck in your next endeavor--I'm sure it will be a success.


I'm not totally surprised. I knew something was amiss when the posts stopped coming, and the team was struggling. I will miss the inside view of the MotoGP paddock, but I can't blame you for leaving. Welcome back to the city by the bay.

Good luck Liam! Thanks for doing what you do.


I am so glad you are happy, as others have noted, it was obvious that things were changing. Life is full of adventure and excitement and you've fulfilled an ambition to live the Motogp life. Time for the next challenge and chapter.

I hope that wherever you end up you are able (and want) to continue sharing your experiences with us.

Hoooooooray!!! I miss Liam and YES, it is time for you to come back to the Bay Area!!

Oh Honey, I'm there with you and I understand how it can happen this way. But the richness of experience and friendship stays for a lifetime. I travel back and forth to SF now because home is where my heart is and moto is second. I miss the excitement at times, but having my friends and family with me is gold. Much love Liam, 2009 is Rockin'


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