January 16, 2012

Winter Project 2011.0

In late summer, 2010, I picked up a beautiful 1996 Honda CBR900RR "Fireblade" in Santa Rosa, CA. It was well used, had a few scrapes and scratches, but I knew that I'd be modifying it in the future and it would be a fantastic base machine for me to be creative with. Initially I used the bike for commuting between San Francisco and San Jose to my office at Cisco's corporate headquarters, and while it performed this duty admirably, things would change and I would change with them.

Honda CBR 900RR 96  I.jpg

In mid-1996 I was standing in Sandy Brodie's Honda motorcycle dealership in Waipahu, HI, and I remember seeing this bike sitting on the showroom floor. It looked short and stout just sitting on its kickstand, and was (at the time) the widest motorcycle I'd ever sat on. I wasn't interested in sport bikes at the time, and ended up riding away on a VF750C, Honda Magna. Too many months of reading Harley magazines at the Borders/Barnes and Noble bookstores and the dominant motorcycle culture in the paradise state was decided cruiser based - but I would change.


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