October 01, 2005

MotoLiam Merchandise

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and be the first on your block to floss the latest MotoLiam, Squadra delle Pecore Nere, and "All Things Moto" style! The 2007 season see's a fresh, new line of gear coming to you direct from the USA, or from the European print shop, and these high quality shirts, sweatshirts, and more, go a long way towards keeping this website active and up and running.

Click on the RED shirt (me) to view the US store. Click on the BROWN shirt (Mark) to see the EURO store. Each store features slightly different items, so be sure to check out both. More cool things will be added shortly, so stay tuned!

MotoLiam US Store

MotoLiam EUROPE Store

Don't need anything, but want to contribute anyway? The email address to donate funds is
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Liam, the katakana shirt is awesome. I've been wondering when they would come in. Expect some action shots soon!


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