October 01, 2005

My Partners

I've met a ton of people in the motorcycle industry within the last decade, and it's true, Motorcycle people are good people. Here is a short list of companies who have helped me in the past, and who continue to support me today as I travel throughout the world working in MotoGP.
Northern California's amazing motorcycle store that sells everything you could possibly need. They ship internationally and have been instrumental in keeping me in the game, and looking great!
Road Racer X
America's premiere sportbike and racing magazine
Amazing friends, amazing products, and amazing hospitality at the races! (BARF)
The Bay Area, San Francisco, California, internet motorcyle forum I first started posting pictures and stories to. A fantastic resource covering many aspects of motorcycling and it's filled with thousands of knowledgeable and friendly people. Check it out!
Paul Meadows is a graphic Designer resposible for some of the logos and material you'll find here. Jagger Racing is a website he made for a friend.
An incredible American/Spanish racer I've had the honor to work with.
Bob Hayes and Jim Race's MotoGP and motorcycle Podcast. I frequently comment about my life abroad. Oh, and about motorcycles, too.
your ontrack video production guys. These guys will follow you around the racetrack and capture all the mistakes you're making - as well as some of the good stuff! Digital, of course.
Brent Davis may not be the flashiest guy on the internet, but he gets the job done, which is the bottom line in Motorcycle Racing!
Evan Donn (Digital Independence / Divergent Shadows)
Web design + development, media production & consulting.

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