October 30, 2005

My First Flight!

After the first section of the race was over there was a break for lunch and repairs. We meandered back to the rentawreck (a trick little Seat "THEE-AAT") and started moseying back to the compound. Once we got back we had a VIP lunch with several F1 celebs. Naturally I didn't recognize sh*t so I just chilled out and munched on the chocolate cakes. Oh, Carmelo Esposito was there but I was unable to introduce myself. I know I spelled his name wrong, but surely someone can guess who he is?!? After lunch my friends wanted to go to the amusement park but I wasn't interested. I was flat out tired. We went for a short drive and I found these: Actually, there were about twenty of them but they were all taking off sporadically and they weren't ever on the ground for very long.

The guy in charge of this helo was CossaMaria. He was very cordial and very funny. I don't know what he was saying but everyone was laughing so I did, too.

He started doing high G manuevers and he even went right up to a cliff face and landing one ski on a rock. I said "Yo Necesito El Bano!!" and pretending to unbuckle myself. Everyone got a kick out of that and I'm certain the pilot would have let me do it. He was way cool.

With my crappy cam I tried to take some pictures of the course so you guys could see the roads. These guys were hauling and the monkey (navigator) had to be really on the ball. Sometimes I could tell when he screwed up because the driver would execute perfectly but the road wasn't what he was expecting. Yeah. . . .right!

Here's another little township.

Here's a rare straightaway. . . . and the driver was taking full advantage of it. Can you see him?

A huge Thank You to my friends at Movistar: Elena, Nacho, and Santi. Without them I would've been stuck watching from the side of the road, instead of soaring through the clouds!

All fun things come to an end, though, and this was it for me on Saturday afternoon. Less than 48 hours in Europe and having a blast!

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