October 30, 2005

The Cars at the Rallye

Here is a shot of the corner I was situated in with one of the Rallye cars booming through. So surreal. . . to be in this peaceful, quiet mountainside . . .. and then to hear these screaming, exploding, machines terrorizing the street. They'd be in and out so quickly you'd sit there and wonder if something really went by. They're fast, and unless I was rockin' a Super Super Moto, I don't know if I'd play with them. Well, the smaller Suzuki's (non-WRX) looked slow enough, haha

I must confess, I have a secret hatchback fetish. Ever since my cherry GTi MK2. Sweet little ride and getting it up on three wheels in Hawaii was no small feat because the roads aren't the best for traction.

Huge roar from the crowd in appreciation after this fellow left a tire track! Not many squirelly cars and I suppose this is because they're four wheel drive. Bleh!

Did I say four wheel drive? This guy was all over the place, and for a split second I considered running for higher ground! The photo I shot after this was too blurried but it shows him in even worse shape. Don't know how he kept from cutting back too hard but he managed somehow. I think he's a pro or something . . .

I jumped across the track for a couple minutes to try and grab some closer pictures. Man, I was disappointed I couldn't use my big gun. After this race I bought two new memory cards and have been shooting at the Valencia testing. Wait for the pics, they're highly worth it! Here's a nice little WRX that would have the guys in cali drooling. Note the tire position in relation to the body. For cars that don't "roll" very much, this guy is really throwing some G's .

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