November 19, 2005

It's not all roses

Glad to know everyone is enjoying the ride as well! But, all is not roses. In the interest of making mi dinero last as long as possible, and also to save some money for the inevitable travelling expenses I'm sure to incur, I'm saving money when and where I can. I've reduced costs to the most minimum I can and that means no shopping! As it is, my iPod Shuffle took a crap the last couple days, the buttons not working, nothing working. I would've just bought a new one but instead I found a Mac store of some kind and tried to explain that it was "No Funciona". They took it in back and someone told me in English that it was being sent to Holland for testing and if it was broken they would send me a new one within a week, and if they were out of stock, two weeks! How's that for international service! As for saving money, here's what I had for dinner tonight. Ham and Cheese sandwiches on toast, with margarine and mayo. For dessert? A jam and margarine sandwich! I can't find Peanut Butter anywhere, and apparently no one likes it so nobody sells it. Who would've thought I'd need to find a specialist shop who sells American food to find peanut butter Please note, I did splurge a little and buy a bag of FILIPINOS. I gotta admit, even though these are good, the filipinas back home taste better. Just kidding. Another strange and beautiful thing about living here are the amount of women who ride. I can't tell you how many girls I've seen walking down the street carrying a helmet. Sure, they're on scooters, but hey! They're riding! Guys, if you like girls who ride you need to check out Barcelona. It's a motorcycle city for sure and it's known to be so throughout Spain and Europe.

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