November 18, 2005

Pinkie's Revenge

My roomates had some drinks and it was my night to take care of everyone. Here is one of them playing Policia with Pinkie, the magic helmet.

Another roomate slipped and fell in the rain. Beware the power of Pinkie! I think I've given up trying to stay with the Spainiards in terms of partying. Halfway through the night I left the group and had dinner by myself. Huevos and carne, with a coffee. I got charged the tourist price of 4.5 Euros for the coffee so I was a little bitter. Lots of drunken English people out and about. Not very classy, either. I'd rather be sitting at home most of the time watching Lost, haha. Actually, I hate watching tv, and refuse to watch tv (or eat fast food) while I'm in Europe. My roomates have this crazy obsession with Friends, and they've seen up through season 9. More than once. I only have one word for that, and it ain't nice.

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