January 26, 2006

Madrid's weird vehicles

It was a good trip to Movistar, and seeing everyone was really nice. However, I was really interested in seeing what Madrid had to offer! I always like seeing new places and faces, and the quirky sights here always make me smile. Thought your hatchback was small?

You may have noticed that I like to take photos of vehicles I like, and food! I really think this is a guy thing, because most of the women I know are always rolling their eyes when I have to stop for a shot. Here's a couple of pics of some bikes that caught my eye as I walked through the city. I'm surprised no one has pointed out what this is yet, after I posted a photo of a red one earlier.

These CBR 125's are quite popular in the city. Repsol replicas are more common than you think and also cross manufacturer boundaries. I've seen Repsol everything, from NSR's, CBR's, Scooters, RS50's, you name it.

I wonder which bike Gilera patterned this after?

Hmmm, the Ducati always marks it's spot!

Here's a neat Urban Steed! Top notch components and trick design are sure to make this little screamer a lot of fun to throw around. Malaguti!

Suzuki-esque headlight.

Not all the bikes were nice, haha. I wonder how much of this bike is original?

No matter where you are, this is P.I.M.P.

Here's an example of the Koreans copying the H-D V-Rod and Honda VTX designs, and decently at that. The Hyo-Sung Aquilar!

Whew, enough bikes for now, on to some of the rest of Madrid!

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