January 27, 2006

What's Madrid Got?

I was located in the center of town and the Majestic was to be my main landmark. I used this to find my way home day and night!

As on most of my travelling days, the skies were a mix of bright and dark. Sometimes I just felt like gettin' goin', and other times you just feel like sleeping. You can criss-cross to many tourist sights within a day or two if you don't spend too much time in the museums. This is the Oriental Garden outside the Palacio Real.

It's Big.

Really Big.

There are nice buildings in the surrounding area, and a large church. I can't remember the names right now because I forgot my travel book.

These doors to the church are at least 12 feet tall, and it's quite intimidating up close. The craftmanship is beautiful. . . . but I hear that Italy is the place to go for more like this.

Made it across the tourist/shipping area to a huge park in the city center. It's a great place to walk around and relax and there are cafe's strewn throughout so you can stop and have a cafe. There's also a lake in the middle and you can rent boats to cruise around on.

Here's a nice place outside the park. Such a contrast with the Coke truck. Although Madrid is definitely a large city, it reminds me of L.A. a little bit in that it's really spread out. The sprawl makes it hard to see a lot without a vehicle, but the subway system is pretty good. The downtown/shopping area didn't impress me much but some of the restaurants were outstanding. If you're in the area, check out El Armario. Great food, good prices, and ambiance.

My favorite part of the park, the Palacio Crystal:

A shot from the other side of the Palace. There was another little lake filled with ducks, geese, and even a couple swans. The best part was when a little Jack Russell ran through the bars of the fence and promptly got the smack-down from an angry goose, wings outspread and hissing.

Wait til you see tomorrow's stuff!

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