May 18, 2006

Gran Semana de la Moto, the Great Week of Motorcycles!

What an great couple of days! I've been riding my bici muntanya through the city streets in the mornings, and excercising more in knowing that the next three weeks will be filled with constant travel, and a potentially poor diet. The journey begins today, with The Gran Semana de la Moto in Montjuic that will concentrate on former GP mechanic, team principal, and Spanish legend, Antonio Cobas! I expect to see a wide variety of race machinery, and hopefully will get a chance to demo some of the new supermoto hardware that is trickling down to the public.

The weather has been changing, and watching the city rise from it's slumber is beginning to get hot! I took a short ride down the coastline, but the morning's light wasn't the best for capturing the cityscape.

I also managed to find a couple nice ramps, but lack of gear prevented me from using them. Another time - for sure!

Here's a great example of some of the more modern architecture throughout the city. This is a mall!

And what good is all this exercise if you can't eat something really bad for you now and then?!? These custard filled donuts are just two blocks from my apartment, but I found out the hard way that on an empty stomach they can give a pretty mean sugar headache.

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