May 15, 2006

Svensk Roadracing Magazine debuts with Motoliam Included!

A fantastic day for me, as the first issue of Svensk Roadracing has gone to print. Thanks to some quality emails I had with the editor, Matte, of Madmoose Racing, I decided to join forces with these enthusiastic and knowledgable Swedes to further my audience and help share the joy and the passion that encompasses the two world championships that I work with. You can find out more about the magazine by clicking on Svensk Roadracing!

And hey, maybe I'll be able to sign a copy if we ever meet up! Thanks Matte, and I hope everyone enjoys having me be a part of Sweden's premiere motorcycle racing magazine!


That's cool Liam! Is this magazine "Svensk Roadracing" available in the US? T-Shirts, logo stickers, magizine articles, and not to mention yur cool job. Way to go Liam!

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