June 22, 2006

Barfers to the rescue!

Thank you everyone for pitching in and getting involved. I know this isn't anyone's problem but my own, and I'm grateful that people are willing to jump in and help when I'm down.

What a ride it's been so far! The emotions have gone the the whole gamut, up, down, all around. This is one of the worst experiences I've ever gone through and it won't be over for quite a while. Part of the problem is the lack of time I have, and the lack of cash on hand to handle the day to day necessities. I'm cross-posting this on my Wild Ride thread, so hopefully the right people will find it. I'm going to be back in Barcelona on Monday, and that's the only day I'll have to pick up money from [B] Western Union [/B] . I found a location in the city and the time schedule matches up. All told, I'm out 500 USD for rent and 250 USD that I borrowed from Hiro to insure that I would get to Holland, and also some pocket money for food and trivials. I don't know if the team will cover any of the flight change penalty, since it was my fault I missed my flight, but regardless, it's a debt to Hiro that I will honor. Jim (VTRWeasel) is the connector in this puzzle, and his phone number and email are:

Jim's number is 408-309-9526 and his email is listed above.

I know this makes a short time frame because it's almost the weekend already, but I don't have any other alternatives at the moment. Can't screw up like this again, and hopefully it'll never happen to any of you. I want to send thanks to everyone who has paypal'd me, and I wish I could Western Union myself! I won't be able to respond for approximately 24 hours, at the earliest, so good luck Barfers on putting something together. It means a great deal to me that everyone is banding together during this time. I'll reserve something special from my GP experiences just for you.

I'm off (and by the way, Assen is incredible).

Jim, here's the way to do it with Western Union:

STEP: 1 Visit an Agent location
Visit a nearby Western Union Agent location.

STEP: 2 Complete Form
Complete the To Send Money form, including:

Your and your receiver's first and last name (as shown on identification).

The city and country to which the money is being sent.

The amount you wish to send.

Any additional services requested (subject to availability)

STEP: 3 Identify yourself
Give the form and valid identification documents to the clerk.

STEP: 4 Present Payment
Give the clerk the money you want to send plus the transaction fee.

STEP: 5 Collect the Receipt from the Clerk
Be sure to save the receipt with your MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and share the MTCN with the receiver. The receiver may use this number to collect the funds, however, it is not required.

STEP: 6 Check Status
To obtain the status of your money transfer, you can check the Order Status.

The name is William Shubert and the city/country is Barcelona, Spain.

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone for digging in. In the meantime, I'll keep the wrenches in the trenches. Neat [URL=]Article[/URL] here which tells a little about being a mechanic in the AMA - sounds like fun :)

Once I get a little more time and my head has unwound a bit, I'll have the peace of mind to put together some wrap-ups from Catalunya, Assen, and Donnington Park.

The saga continues, thanks to you all.

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