June 20, 2006


Hey Everyone,

My wallet was pickpocketed on Sunday night after the Catalunya GP. It has been a horrific experience trying to cancel my credit cards from overseas and deal with the intense feelings of loss. I can't believe it's happenned and I just don't know what to do. I'm unable to transfer money from my US accounts to my Spanish account and because I'll be travelling for two weeks with the races, I don't have time to fully take care of this. No ID, no credit cards, no cash! I am just devastated. This comes after one of the strangest GP's ever, with three restarts, multiple crashes and injuries (in all classes) - just a completely messed up time. Everything is in a state of chaos for me at the moment, so I just need to focus and get my head on straight and the details will fall into place in the future. I hope.



best of luck man, enjoy the cathedral.

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