July 10, 2006

Forza Italia!

In honor of Italy's World Cup Victory, may I present you with this.

Sorry Zidane, looks like you'll have to come back in four more years.
There's no way I could avoid this game, and no matter how much work and how much packing I had to do, there's no way to get away from World Cup fever here in Europe. Running alongside the Grand Prix circus, there's something very cool about having been in Holland for their game with Argentina, or being in England, surrounded by Brits and watching the match when England was knocked out of the running. Or, being on a multinational team (Spanish, Italian, French, Brazilian, Argentinean, and a Hawaiian!) and watching France beat Spain. Too many memories - too much ribbing after the matches - and it was very cool to see how every country came alive during this time. I'm always a bit sad when it's over, but it's fun to think of where I might be in four years. . . . . .

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