July 13, 2006

Hasta Pronto, Barcelona

Earlier this week, I left my apartment in Barcelona. I was really surprised at how bummed I was, because I honestly don't feel like this is "home" yet. I don't know if it ever will (as nothing has ever been able to replace my childhood and college years in Hawaii), but after a half hour having coffee and breakfast at a Catalan joint across the street and watching my apartment building, I came to the realization that aside from the two suitcases I had packed for my trips to Germany and California, all my worldly possessions were in that tiny, little room on the second floor. Actually, not even the second floor, but the Entresuelo level (I still haven't figured that one out - but I'm guessing it's for people to lazy to get all the way up a full level, haha). Notheless, I was packed and ready to spend a week racing at Sachsenring, and then almost four weeks total in California. Since I left for Europe in late October, I've bounced around quite a bit, and never really put in a long period of constant contact with the peoples of BCN. I think that's another reason as to why it always feels like just another place I'm spending time at. Only once has BCN felt like "home", and that's when I returned from the Italian GP at Mugello. After not sleeping for almost a week, the place looked good! Here's a shot of my apartment building, looking so much better after six months of noisy construction out front to build up a nice big sidewalk.

Might as well show off the fat breakfast I had. I'm still on limited funds since my wallet got knicked, so this was something of a splurge. Not that I'm having a ton of trouble buying coffee. It's just that I wanted to say a personal goodbye to BCN, and what better way than to sit outside at a cafe . . . . having a cafe!

Technically, I'll be back in five weeks. But only for a day and a half. Then it's off to Brno, Czech Republic, for their GP. Sweet!

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