July 05, 2006

MotoLiam is going public!

It's Official! After months of careful planning, unbridled optimism, and the help of some amazing, talented, and patient people, has become a reality! I'm still working out a few bugs, but I expect to be fully operational within a few days.

I'm proud to say that this will be the platform for all my future chronicles, and you can look forward to seeing more cool pictures, reading about more races and racers - as well as a few of my own insights concerning MotoGP - and most of all, having fun riding alongside *Liam's Wild Ride*!

While I will remain an active member of the Bay Area Rider's Forum (Barf), due to time constraints many of my updates from this point on will be posted on first.

We are in the peak of the MotoGP season - time is flying by - and with my hectic travel schedule and sporadic internet access around the world, there will be delays from time to time. Rest assured, the adventure continues! I am constantly updating (and back-updating), and it's an ongoing process. With the addition of links, extras, and more, I hope to flush out this site into something truly special on the internet, and give everyone a taste of this incredible life.

I have done some work in the past with Road Racer X Magazine , and in this month's USGP: Laguna Seca build-up/preview issue, I'm proud to be listed as a contributor. Awesome! I am a huge fan of the magazine and delighted to be included. Look for more great things to come.

See you at the races!

Here I am in my limited edition (read custom) RRX hat, one of only two in existence! Actually, the other one is black, and since I work for that great Italian marque, I think red suits me better anyway.

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