July 08, 2006

Work Continues on - Plus, Treasures on the Web!

Incredibly, this one week break between race weekends is almost over, and I'm putting some of the final touches on with the help of some good friends, notably Endo and Mr. M. We're going after a couple bugs, and it's just a matter of time before everything is ironed out and we'll be WFO!

In three short days I head out to Sachsenring, Germany, for round 10 in the MotoGP World Championship, and immediately following the race, my team and I will be airborne and headed to San Francisco - to prepare for the USGP! I'm juggling several projects at once, and am more excited and enthusiastic than ever. It's a great weekend to be on the internet. For one, I have a chance to work on my website, and secondly, there's a fantastic benefit auction going on in Spain at the moment, courtesy of the Pilotos Por Africa. Amazingly, (and I believe in conjunction with Rider's For Health) they have managed to acquire 74 (Kato's number) items to be auctioned off on Spanish Ebay, with the proceeds going to a very, very worthy cause. Items include special pilot's helmets (like a custom Alex Criville helmet that is one of three), a ton of rider items, like autographed knee pucks, boots, gloves, and complete leather suits. Not to mention the helmets. What makes this even more unique is the fact that many of the items are from special races, where people won the race! Pedrosa's race winning suit? Dovisioso's race winning boots? Bautista's race winning Piston? You name it! You can find this auction here - but it's a tiny bit complicated - because it's all in Spanish! If this doesn't deter you, you're going to have a great time surfing through Ebay Espana. Even better, there's also some F1 gear, and an actual used Michelin F1 tire - what I wouldn't mind having for a glass coffee table base. You can find the Auction Items for Pilotos Por Africa here:

Auction on

I can't wait to be back in the Bay Area, and the members of B.A.R.F. (the Bay Area Rider's Forum) are hosting a special, welcome home party for me at the Blue Fin cafe on Cannery Row the Friday Night of the USGP weekend. It should be a blast, and no doubt I'll have some Grand Prix guests along with me. I just hope we don't get stuck working at the track too late that night! You can read more about the upcoming festivities here:

MotoLiam's Welcome Home Party!

Time to start getting packed up, because this time I'll be on the road for about a month. I hope to see you all at the USGP, and if not there, I'll see you in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains or at the beach!

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