July 15, 2006

Sachsenring, Antica Roma, part 2.

The entire team met downstairs in the lobby, and we went walking. Naturally, we were looking for an Italian restaurant, and we sure found one! Antica Roma is another place that is just filled with motorcycles.

Such a gorgeous bike!

And the waitstaff appeared to be genuinely Italian - which was obvious from their small, square glasses, and hip little goatees and soul-patches. I could never compete, haha.

The Italian Harley-Davidson. There was a nice police bike at the restaurant entrance, with a mannequin dressed up in authentic period gear.

At last! Now this is a machine! If you guess which make it is, you'll have a headstart on knowing what company is considering putting together an effort in WSBK within two years. . . .

V-twin? Check. Beautiful and unique chassis? Yep! Lots of trick parts, and rotating goodies? Hell Yeah!

And lest you think this is just a showpiece, and heirloom, allow me to present you with the Veglia Borletti clocks, which show this bike to have roughly 20K miles on it.

Speaking of cool clocks, I really like the way those were set up. One of my old bikes was set up in a similar fashion. You cannot beat aluminum coolness.

Ahh, heck. Might as well throw up a picture of the whole bike while I'm at it. This was stage two of this bike's evolution. Later, it went to a 630 chain drive (23 and 54 (!) tooth sprockets) after I snapped the belt goofing off in a parking lot. More carbon, more suspension mods, and countless new parts - including a very built motor. Grunty? Yes. 110 MPH maximum? You bet, but who cares when you can get there sliding and riding with a huge smile the whole time?!? Maybe one day I'll put up some more photos of one of my favorite machines.

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