July 16, 2006

Sachsenring, the wrap-up. part 3

As you could see from the video I posted earlier , Sachsenring is located at the top of a beautiful group of natural hills. The scenery outside of the track is very rustic, and I saw a lot of hawks cruising around.

More of the track area. I tried to link these photos up, but I ran out of time and I'm still getting used to using a different version of Photoshop that I picked up in California.

After the grand drop down onto the back straight, you fly through the trees, literally, on your way up the penultimate left-hander. I've marked this photo with green to show where the track runs (under the marks).

One night I woke up around 3AM, because I kept hearing an erratic "banging/slapping" sound. I don't even know why I was sleeping so close to my camera, but I snapped a picture of this humongous grass-hopper, which was trying to find the room window. This thing was at least three inches long, and looked very strong. I didn't even bother trying to chase him out, I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

I also had a chance at the racetrack to spend a couple minutes with this knowledgeable MotoGPod listener. Always nice to meet people who have followed the story.

Some of the hotel food was good, like the salads and the big, breakfast buffet, but many of the dinner items were deep fried.

When it was time to leave Germany, and head to the states, we left Dresden and flew to Munich. I learned you cannot bring handcuffs on a plane. Several of the airports I've been to have small areas where people can sleep, or play games. A couple guys from the team go to town! It got a little heated, and old age and treachery won the day.

I couldn't leave Germany without trying a brautwurst, so I had one in Munich.

A couple of the pretty boys got some sleep on the flight (which was packed with MotoGP personnel, like Marlboro Ducati, us, some of Dorna's guys, some Camel Yamaha guys, and even some Kawasaki members).

I spent a couple hours working on things on the plane. I tried to connect to Lufthansa's new system (you can pay and get connected to the internet while flying), but there was some sort of server issue over Greenland and Canada, and by that time I was ready to get some sleep myself. At this point, I was having drinks with people from a couple teams, and the atmosphere on the flight was incredibly relaxed. So different from the paddock, and it was really neat to spend time with everyone, because they were all so excited to by coming to the United States. I couldn't agree more.

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