August 05, 2006

Hanging with my Dad and Brother. L.A. part 6

Phew, finally made it back to my Dad's place after a long day with a bunch of seat time in the truck. It was good, because we all had a chance to talk and catch up, and I'd rather be rolling and talking instead of sitting around somewhere and talking. My Brother went out for the evening, which meant I got to spend some quality time with my Dad, and he was thoughtful enough to get ahold of some Poke Salad for us. It was spicy and hit the spot.

The next morning I had to leave to fly back to San Francisco, but not before Dad handed over my old Haro 540 Air BMX! Although my Dad's going to miss riding it around, he knows it's going to a good place - Barcelona!

"This is how to you a no-hander!"

Man, I was stoked to get one of my old bikes back, because I know the BMX is the perfect Urban Assault Vehicle for the city! Thanks Dad! And thanks to my brother, too, who technically is the one who the bike now belongs to. Unfortunately for him, he's too big for it now! Once I was back in SF, I quickly put it together (I took it on the plane broken down in a box), and tested it out. First jump? Popped the rear! ARGH! A quick patch and we were back in business. One day. . . a video will surface of the Midnight Madness that occurred later that night . . .

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