August 07, 2006

American Sportbike Night, San Leandro

American Sportbike Night is the longest, continually running Buell Club in the country, and if you think they're only into Buells and American bikes, you'd be wrong!

I've known members of this group for three or four years now, and have been an active participant in club activities in the past. Basically, once a month they get together and talk about motorcycles - all aspects and types. Some are into racing, some are into vintage and restoration, but there's a lot of years here and lots of experience doing everything relating to motorcycles. Tonight, it was my pleasure to speak before the group and relate my tale of moving to Europe for MotoGP. I'm not sure what the theme of the evening was (sometimes it's singles, or Italian bikes, stuff like that), but there sure were a ton of great looking bikes parked outside! Here's a great RE-5 Yamaha.

Here's a grand old girl. I have a soft spot for old Beemers. . .

Speaking of old girls, check this out! One of the rarest bikes made in the US. Name that Harley!

Clean little Triumph, too. These guys have all the coolest toys.

These guys meet on the first Monday evening of the month, in San Leandro, at a pizza joint. You can find out more about them and their plans to run (again!) at the Bonneville Salt Flats at
American Sportbike Night

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