August 05, 2006

Checking in with Bob. L.A. part 4

Ahhhh, I'm leaving Los Vegas. . . . err . . . leaving Los Angeles! L.A. is sooo big and spread out, and even when I lived here in 2000, I never really got used to it. It's such a bear to deal with constant traffic and mess of people. And Downtown L.A.? It's almost like a ghost town sometimes. It's also one of the few places with tall buildings.

Typical for L.A., as we were driving out of the city center, we spotted a movie being filmed in this park.

We took the 405 South, headed back to my old neck of the woods, the Torrance/Lomita district. When it started looking like an alien industrial area, I knew we were almost there.

There's only one thing that could bring me back here, and that's to say Hi to my old mentor, Bob Pynn! Bob's responsible for teaching me a lot of what I know about motorcycles, and also about "just getting the job done". Still strong, still riding, and still the head guy at California Harley-Davidson. Bob taught me how to really use a Dynamometer, and how to build engines. If you happen by, I strongly suggest letting only him work on your bike.

Seems like I can't get away from shipping docks. I love being near the water, and I love that so many things come through this port, between Long Beach and San Pedro. One strange thing about this photo is the lack of cars on the road. I couldn't believe it.

To pass from San Pedro to Long Beach, you get to cross two magnificent bridges. The Vincent Thomas is my favorite of the two, and was used in the movie, Gone in Sixty Seconds (the remake), where some guy jumped a 1968 Shelby GT500 over a couple cars. Yeah. . . . right. I have some great memories of this bridge, because in early 2001 I found my dog here, wandering on the side of the freeway. This is where the "King of all dogs" came from.

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