August 05, 2006

Shiyena and Rhiyena, L.A. part 3

Less than I day after I'd arrived in Los Angeles, I had already met with some people in Burbank, had dinner and drinks in West Covina with Nancy, and by lunchtime the next day I was joined by one of my oldest friends, Shiyena, and her beautiful daughter, Rhiyena! We met in Pasadena, and in our quest for quality, Asian food, immediately drove to downtown L.A., Japantown, for some good eats. Rhiyena is an absolute joy to be with, and (it was my first time meeting her) a very, very special child. Shiyena is teaching her to speak English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and she Signs, too! Amazing! I had fun bouncing back and forth between the languages, trying to pick up what I could and also add what I could to the mix. Rhiyena, 2.5 years old and, like her mother, ready to rock!

Kids are hard work, but more fun than just about anything out there. It was really something to sit at lunch and play games, making water drawings, and putting together a 3-D puzzle with the youngster. Watching her mind at work is fascinating.

There is nothing on Earth that can compete with the beauty of a mother and child.

After lunch we went for a walk through Japantown. We found a Music store, which also sold comic books, and Uniforms! How strange is that?!?

By mid-afternoon, my Dad and younger brother had driven up from Orange County to pick me up. I was sad to see the girls go, but I'm sure I'll see them again. And who knows how big Rhiyena will be by then!

I don't think Shiyena had seen my brother in seven or eight years, and in that time he's sprouted like a weed. I think he's taller than me - and I'm 13 years older!

See ya Sis'. Great seeing you and meeting Rhiyena. Thanks for everything, and see you soon!

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