August 09, 2006

Mom comes to Town. . . . SF06

I haven't been updating as much as I'd like to, and that's because every day has been a mad dash to get things done, meet with people, give mini-presentations, and prepare for life in Europe. When I say life in Europe, I mean gathering the things I can't get over there, and also preparing to stay in Europe (extended) for possibly another year without a return to the USA. On the fly, my mother decided this week was the best time to come and see her oldest son, and she flew in yesterday morning at 7AM. We immediately headed to Chinatown for some traditional breakfast.
(these photos are from her camera, mine wasn't with me at the time) I've had sooo many crazy beautiful experiences in the last three weeks I haven't had time to sort through all the photos and write the stories down, but believe me when I say spectacular stuff is headed this way . . . .

My Mom rocks.

Her favorite place to buy strange herbs, roots, and indecipherables. The name may have changed this year, but the stuff inside is still hundreds of years old.

She also likes the Buddha Bar in SF. I like the one in Shanghai a little better.

Not may people's parents are as web-savvy as my mom, and here we are after breakfast checking stocks and emails at a cafe. Word!

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