August 13, 2006

More Food Adventures with MotoLiam! SF06

One of the coolest things about travelling for work is the opportunity to eat new foods. While I was back in California, I made sure to sample some of the places I remember as being the best, and here are some shots. Not only did I manage to make it out to some great places, I also was lucky enough to have some homecooked meals, too. Thanks everyone!

Random, and not so random food shots. Oh, heck yes!

Sweet Yams, Shrimp, aaannnddd Curry Sauces? YESYESYES!

Spicy Wraps, pot stickers, and noodles? Count me in! Thanks Maryann, it was fabulous!

Much love to Evan and Joanne, who put together some amazing meals while I was back in Cali. Nothing beats the basics - and Evan's got a mean Grill-Hand, too!

Thanks guys!

At some point, a couple of us made it to Zeitgeist to have some burgers. They did not last long enough to be photographed.

Made it to one of the better Sushi places in town - one that employs Chinese sushi-chefs!

While my favorite in the city is Ebisu, Godzilla Sushi on Divisadero is a good place for some decent eats.

It is imperative to start your meal with Miso Soup!

Not traditional, but then, neither am I! Yummy!

Managed to wrangle up one of my most special treats!

Prepping for the best appetizer ever.

If you see this, you will be in one of the most under-rated restaurants in San Francisco. Order up!

You cannot beat this kind of food, and the price is unbelievable, too.

Very Special Thank You to those who shared their time and meals with me. Good food is never great without good company, and everyone helped make it magical for me. Thanks, and see you at dinnertime!


Dammit, Liam. Now I'm hungry and there's nothin' good to eat here!

Enjoyed all the recent updates. Have a blast in Malaysia!

>If you see this, you will be in one of the most under-rated restaurants in San Francisco. Order up!

ok, where is this place located in the city, and what is it called?


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