August 15, 2006

So long, San Francisco - Thanks to Everyone who made it so Special!

I shipped out of San Francisco on Sunday, and after travelling some 21 hours+, I have arrived safely back in Barcelona. What an incredible trip for me in the Bay Area, and there are photos and stories that I will hold for a lifetime. After a delay at SFO (thanks, governments), I confirmed what I already knew: You cannot bring stuff like this onboard the flight. I'm actually surprised they let me photograph this stuff, but I told them it was for my website and not my terrorist training manual.

I'm in BCN for approximately 12 hours - just enough time to unload my baggage at the apartment and catch some much needed sleep (sleep? Hahaha, yeah, right!). It's 4:45AM and I'm leaving the house around 5 to go catch an early flight that will take me to Marseille, Prague, and then finally Brno. Because the flight is so early, I won't be able to catch the AeroPuerto Transporte, and will have to shell out for a taxi. Small price to pay to get to another fantastic MotoGP race! I should be there by the evening, and if I can wade through the information overload that my "vacation" in San Francisco was, I should be posting later this week. Huge thanks to everyone who came out to meet with me, and to those who helped me out along the way. I won't forget you, and I can't wait to see you all again. In the meantime, see you guys at the races!


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