August 03, 2006

MotoLiam on the move - to L.A.?!?

This past Tuesday I embarked on yet another cool and fascinating jaunt - this time to Los Angeles! It's the first time I've really moved around as "MotoLiam", or maybe, the first time I've moved around because of the "MotoLiam Phenomenon", and I was proud to be carrying my fresh gear to the land of Hollywood.

I'm still technically on vacation from the MotoGP circus, and I'm using the time away from Europe to handle most of my U.S. affairs - namely getting my finances and projects back together since the pickpocketing incident two months ago! I had a very special appointment in Burbank Tuesday afternoon, and like everything I do these days, I was multi-tasking to the max. The last time I was at SFO, I was kissing the USA goodbye and headed to Europe with nothing more than a dream of working in the World Championship. This time, I was on a mission to check out some alternative opportunities and cool, new things in lovely L.A.

Checking in at United was fairly routine. Thanks to the Filipina girl who hooked me up and zipped me right through the line and into the automated system that took care of everything lickety-split.

Ahhhhhh. Los Angeles. Flat, expansive, and from the sky, very boring.

What am I doing here???

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