August 04, 2006

L.A. part 2

After my initial meetings in L.A. on Tuesday afternoon, I was free to check out some of the sights and get re-acquainted with some old friends - and meet some new ones, too! While I was waiting for some people to show up in Burbank, I waited at a street corner and used the phone. Looking back at my luggage I was struck by the thought, "Boy comes to Hollywood to become a star.". Yeah, right - Where's the cool motorcycles?!?

I eventually planted myself at Gordon Biersch and had a couple beers and some Bruschetta (trust me, it's better in Europe).

My friend Nancy (B1tesize on BARF) and her roomate, Super-Nike shoe-Collector-Guy, showed up and had dinner with me, and then it was a casual ride back to West Covina to drop off the gear and get to partying!
Nance is responsible for the ultra cool MotoLiam Stickers, and in a couple weeks I'll have something cool lined up for people who manage to stick them in unique places and take photos of them. Email me!

Nancy owns a couple of Yamaha 125 smokers as well as some Honda 600's. Can you name these bikes?

She's also got a Vespa (and two cats, but I won't get into that).

After a good night hanging out and talking motorcycles all night, we finally woke up the next day and immediately set off for sunny Pasedena. I'm eternally grateful to Nancy for helping me out with her College I.D. so that I could get a discount at the Apple Store - where I picked up some new Hardware!!! I knew it was going to be expensive no matter how I did it, so I consciously put the pricetags out of my head and made sure that I was getting the best equipment for the coming years ahead. I'm more familiar with the Mac systems these days, and I like how they work for me (broken HD's aside).

I spent the next week transferring over data from my old machine to the new one, and pictures and trials of that misadventure are coming soon! Actually, it will probably take me months to fully integrate the two machines. Or . . . I may leave them separate, so I can have a more "work" oriented machine, and one just for Music and Movies.

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