September 01, 2006

Let's get ready for Sepang!

Click here to see a nice "getting psyched for Sepang" video!
It looks like the Sepang circuit has put together a little something to get people in the mood. Except for the soundtrack, I like it!

Speaking of cool videos, I'll leave this up for a couple days. . . but then I'm going to take it down, because bandwidth costs money - and I ain't got none! We shot this video with just a couple minutes notice, with no planning or preparation. I call it "One Kick", and if you watch carefully, you'll see it. All we wanted to do was be free - free to ride our motorcycles, and to be free from The Man! You can click here see the static shots of the Mother of all Monkey rides in San Francisco!

Video by Evan , Ian , Brad , and me!



love the lil video... looks like a blast.

Have a good trip, good luck with all the connections.

Hey -- great site -- looks like you guys had fun -- wish I had taken the time when I was younger to undertake such an adventure. Oh - well, such is life. Take care. Bill (Melbourne - Australia)

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