August 31, 2006

Three Days until I take off for Asia!

It's getting to be crunch time, and it's coming up too fast! I'm just easing back into life in Europe and dealing with the homesickness that comes from my extended stay in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I miss the food, but moreso, I miss the opportunity to spend time with the people that I truly care about.

We're continuing to develop new design's and strategies, and I'm very pleased that the next stage of MotoLiam is just around the corner. There's a solid group of amazing people assisting me with the project, and I simply can't say, "Thank You", enough.

Much of my time has been spent, gasp, fixing my apartment's broken washing machine. I'm happy to report that a new circuit board cleared everything up, and starting tomorrow we'll all be back to doing laundry again. Apparently, using non-liquid detergent has negative side-affects, so I'm off to get some.

I'm riding daily now, as opposed to just the weekends, and BMX'ing through the city has been phenomenal. The mechanic in me has kicked in, and as this bike is a couple years old, it could use a few things to get it back into tip-top shape. First on the list is a set of neck bearings, followed by a front brake cable and lever/adjuster. I think I'll completely dismantle her during the off-season and really do it up right. Anyway, enough about the little bike - I'm getting ready for three races in as many weeks! Woooo-Hoooo! I am so stoked about Australia, the land where I was conceived. Nice thing about the coming weeks is that I'll be back on Islands again, and that's always special.

I've also been trying to collect as many of the photos and experiences I've had in the past month and get them up and onto the web. I still have plenty more to go, but here are a few posts that never made it onto the mainpage, about Sachsenring and my time in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Starting from furthest back to most recent, here they are:

Karl Marx Stadt, Sachsenring, part 1

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the Wrap-up, Sachsenring, part 3

Shiyena and Rhiyena, L.A. part 3

Checking in with Bob, L.A. part 4

Cool Stuff, L.A. part 5

My Dad and Brother, L.A. part 6

American Sport Bike Night

Checking in with Burton

Mom's in town, part 2

Fixing my laptop

The Food Adventures Continue!

We've got a lot more in store for you, so check back regularly. My travel schedule is going to be pretty hectic for the next month, but I'll do my best to update as frequently as possible. It's getting real close to go-time, and I'm starting to get that tingle of excitement that can only come from MotoGP.

See you guys at the races!

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