March 06, 2007

Team Fiat Yamaha

Looks Official to Me! And what a really nice touch to put the track name and layout on the side of the Canopy. Very Classy.

I'm down with a serious cold right now that really blew up on the flight over here last night. My nose is doing the "Rudolph" impression, I'm sneezing and blowing constantly, and my throat is sore and skipping every third syllable I utter. This might be the one time I'm a little happy I'm not completely in the garage all day and night - because I'd hate to pass anything to my crew. I really thought I'd beaten this back in BCN on Saturday, what with all the sleep and health food I got, but the longer flight coupled with the 58 Portugese Track Marshals who were also on the flight (and who seemed to be all sitting right behind me drinking up a storm!) conspired to keep me from showing up Tuesday morning at my best. I survived the day, and tomorrow I hope the Clinica Mobile can patch me up with some effervescent goodness.


Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Since you're going to be spending 36 hours in the air, in a closed environmental system, you should check to see if Dr. Costa's crew can get you a good surgical mask. While it may look a bit goofy to wear while you're flying, it will help greatly in controlling the germs around you when your immune system is not up to specs.

No time for's GAME TIME!!!

Doubt they have it there, but I swear by this "Zicam" stuff (Zinc nasel gel). Seems to makes the cold pass more quickly. Who may only be a placebo, but it works for me.

Best of luck to the Black Sheep!

Sorry your under the weather, hope you feel better in time for the races.

Get well soon man!

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