March 05, 2007

What's a Black Sheep to do? GO RACING!

GP07 Qatar

We're flying out Monday afternoon/evening, and will travel overnight to Qatar. Once we arrive on Tuesday morning, we'll check our luggage in to the hotel and then proceed directly to the racetrack. I think I'll be too excited to sleep on the plane.


Hello, Liam:
the Black Sheep graphic is wizard! i'm first in queue for
a T-shirt ... 3x please. the original VMF-214 patch can be
had online @
keep the tunes mellow ... don't forget to breathe ... stay frosty. East Ghost Element.

Great site...great idea! The "busy" side of the wall doen't get nearly enough attention; some of us (I think) find it as interesting as the race. Looking forward to it.

YEAH, I saw that intense mug. Those MotoGP cams are in everyones hair cuz I paid em to be HAH!

hey liam,

sorry to hear about the cold. drink lots of warm liquids. also get ur hands on some airborne. this stuff is a godsend (
if u can't find it let me know and i'll ship u out some).

also, any word on getting the "black sheep squadron" logo onto stickers?


Hey Liam,

put me in the cue for a tshirt! Feel better and good luck this weekend. Go get 'em...See you in Laguna!

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