June 22, 2007

Laguna Seca Special - the Limited is Coming!

Laguna Seca 2007 USGP - one month away in racing time . . . and with it, the SQUADRA DELLE PECORE NERE and MOTOLIAM are coming back to rock the house the only way I know how - with STYLE!

Long nights put in by the Ian, the resident MotoLiam graphics guru, and the end result is such an amazing design, I simply can't believe it! Last year, I produced the limited "Moto-Wrench" shirt, which was an incredible hit with everyone. This year, we've cranked it up a notch, because I'm never satisfied and I always want to push the envelope and take it to the next level. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the overall quality of last year's Limited model, so we set out to step it up. Shirts by American Apparel, supple and luxurious, two-stage printing process with an enzyme bleach and ultra trick printing technique, and a knock out graphic that is sure to impress the most diehard motorcycle afficionados, seriously, this is pure Dyno-Mite! What we'll get is a vintage looking, distressed print that is packed full of fine detailwork, and it is going to last - wash after wash - Ride after Ride! I really want to emphasize that the quality of this shirt is going to be amazing, so if you're thinking about a special something that not everyone is going to have a chance to buy, this is definitely it. From my heart, from the heart of MotoGP, this shirt is coming to Laguna Seca, and I can't wait!

So - How do you get yours? Because the timeframe is right here, right now, I'm only producing enough for my Team and a few extras that will be determined by whoever pre-orders through Paypal. This is your chance to grab what I think is some of the hottest MotoGP and MotoLiam memorabilia ever made - and after this race, we're not making it again. One shot, one chance, to show your love, show your support, and express your passion. Those are words I live by, and this shirt captures so much of the attitude I bring, it's just perfect, simply perfect.

If you frequent the website and enjoy the reports I make, here's a neat way to contribute and get more involved with something that you like.

Pre-order yours today - and they'll be ready for pick-up at Laguna Seca. $45 USD includes the shirt and the latest-gen MotoLiam stickers. Out of state? Add $5 USD for shipping! Friday night pick-up at the MotoLiam meet-n-greet in Monterey? Saturday night festival at the racetrack? I'll be there! The price may be steep, but it's worth it because we put a lot into this and it shows in the finished product. Not to mention, you're helping to support me - to support the Squadra! Click here to get to Paypal and the email address to send money to is MOTOLIAM@GMAIL.COM OH! Forgot to mention I'm taking pre-orders until JULY 3RD - after that, things are done, haha. I've got a whole mess of other things to keep me occupied, the shirts are just something I wanted to put together for my Team mates at my home-race, and why not spin up a couple more if people are interested?

MotoLiam LAGUNA SECA USGP 2007 "LIMITED" shirts - $45 USD. $50 Shipped in the USA! The email address to transfer funds to is
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$45 is too much for a t-shirt... unless it's gold-plated.

Hi JR,

It's worth it's weight in gold to me - because being a part of this is simply priceless. Now that you mention it, though, I wish I'd thought of printing it in gold . . .

Nice shirts, Liam! I particularly like the number: 664. Neighbor of the Beast, right? :D

I ordered one. I will send you a pic once I recieve it!



Just put in my order!

Hey Liam,
You got fans all round the world ie: Australia. What about o/s customers.

Just ordered it. I'm so psyched for the Laguna Seca race! Haven't missed once since it came back to the US.

Just ordered 1........ Red one. See you Fri. or Sat. night.


Hey Liam - great results at Assen! From this side of the world looked like if it wasn't raining it was windy as all buggery. Looking forward to the Sachsenring - no doubt the small warm up event before LS! Ciao Mike

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