July 02, 2007

Just One Week . . . .

Hey Everyone, sorry I haven't been able to post about the Donington MotoGP race, or the Assen TT yet, but it really feels like I've been cramming too many experiences into a few short weeks lately, and I've got one week to verify that the Team will be ready for Sachsenring and the Red Bull USGP. To say that this is the busiest time of the season for me would be an understatement.

I got in to Barcelona yesterday, near lunchtime on Sunday, and within an hour of opening the door to my apartment, I was sound asleep. Woke up in the evening to prepare a simple, instant risotto and some tea, and then it was back to bed for me. It was glorious - a complete recharge of the batteries - and I was up bright and early on Monday. The sun was just beginning to light the city rooftops, and the people weren't quite stirring from their homes yet, so I watched the city wake from my balcony with a cup of coffee, all the while planning my day out. It has been a total rush, these last few weeks, and it's far from over. We clicked through the ninth race of the season, the mid-point of a year that will host 18 rounds of the World Championship, and while that is an achievement of sorts, it really doesn't do anything but signal to me that 2008 is coming - and it's coming fast! I'm worried about the longevity of my bikes, and I'm worried that I'll begin to see different trends as far as part life, because my bikes are half a season old now. I anticipate further changes, further evolution, and more excitement (good and bad), before the season wraps up in Valencia. Tomorrow I expect to have some time to begin writing about my time in England, and before the week's end I should have all the material up from Assen. I want to say thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a shirt from me, as the final order is going in to the printer later today so that they'll be ready for the Red Bull USGP! Tonight? A quiet dinner once again, except this time I'll be editing various photos from my travels and outlining what and how things really happened. See you guys soon!


Come on dude, hurry up with those stories, don't be giving us that "I'm busy" line ;-)

Cheers mate

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