September 11, 2007

Estoril, Get Ready - 'Cause Here We Come!

I'm off in a few minutes, the time has come to get over to Portugal for the Estoril GP. Unlike last season, I won't be flying to Madrid and then driving the rest of the way. Instead, I'm flying directly from BCN to Lisbon! This is great news, and I'm overjoyed. No wasting of hours and hours this year, we're on a mission. I'm so happy, that we'll be featuring 2 songs to get pumped and ready for this important race. The time has come! Massive shout out and thank you to Jay R. for tracking down and sending me the coolest and most appropriate of G-Shocks to wear while we're at the races. Red and white is just right! Expect a full write-up on my newest timepiece shortly - Thanks again, Jay!

GP07 Estoril 1-- The genres this song bridges are not to be missed!

GP07 Estoril 2-- The Funkier, Fresher version of the previous song, haha. One of my favorites!

See you guys at the track, catch me if you can! Should be a bunch of crazy people there, and the track-workers are notorious for their passion about the races. Maybe I'll run into the guys I met in Shanghai? Time to GO!!!!!!!

Oh, and here's some video clips of Historias Sobre Ruedas, the Spanish Moto-Documentary series, from Laguna Seca at this year's Red Bull USGP.

Laguna Part 1

Laguna Part 2

Laguna Part 3

Laguna Part 4



Definitely track 2. Good luck in Estoril. I will send good mojo your way.

Good luck in Estoril Liam!

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