September 19, 2007

The Hoff is Off - Gran Prix of Japan.

As many of you already know, Alex Hofmann was let go from the Pramac Ducati Team earlier this week. I want to choose my words carefully, so I'm not going to write about that subject until I've had more time to reflect, and to be honest, this week has been quite emotional for a variety of reasons.

I'm not sure where the time has gone since the race in Estoril, but we lost a day travelling from Portugal to Japan, and tomorrow work starts early in the morning because our flight containers arrived a day later than normal - meaning we're pulling double duty on Thursday to prepare for Friday. Alongside Alex Barros, we'll be joined by Shinichi Itoh, a rider who's career spans nearly as long as Barros'! This will be the sixth MotoGP rider I will have worked with in less than two years within the Championship, from Hofmann, Cardoso, Silva, Barros, Davies, and now Itoh. To help get in the mood for the Gran Prix of Japan, here's some music and a funny video clip on Youtube about how to eat sushi.

Motegi 1

Motegi 2



Words well chosen Liam...On to Japan. Work and we`ll cheer you on back home.

Thanks for the suggestion Liam.
We will have some 'illegal' Panda Bear Sushi tonight.
Cathy says: 'OH,TOH,TOH,TOH'

Enjoy Motegi, wish we were there. Ciao

Liam are you guys staying at the Twin Ring Hotel? Several guys from the US bases in Japan will be at the race all weekend. My wife and I will be walking around the pits on Saturday...hope to see ya!! Oh yeah I'll be wearing Repsol but the wife refuses to wear anything but DUCATI!!

is that Sushi tutorial for real ? ;)

Time is 2:47 Sunday EST and you are now in a most enviable position from this side of the pond. Cheers!!!
Congrats on another top ten finish.

Hi Liam,
Thanks again for a good time on Saturday night in Mito, Japan drinking beers and hanging out in front of the bar. We really had fun during the weekend.

We were cheering your Ducati guys around the whole time on Sunday. A top ten was a pretty good result too for such a difficult day. So keep up the good results for the rest of the year. You have made a new MotoGP fan out of me.

Best Regards from Japan!

hey liam... gettin worried here man... Keep checkin back to get the scoop on the hoff, and you still haven't updated...

Hope everything is cool, and you have a good gig lined up for next season.

Good luck!!

Time for a update, ya slacker. :)


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