January 13, 2008

It's Back to Business Time - Gearing up for 2008!

I'm here in Barcelona, the sun is shining outside on a sleeping city that still hasn't wrestled itself awake at noontime, and I'm reviewing the photos and memories that were created during the most remarkable Christmas I've ever experienced.

The last I wrote, my 32nd birthday had just passed in late November and I was due to work at the Ducati Corse factory for a week before heading to our Team raceshop in Madrid to prep materials for another week. By mid-December I was headed back to the United States for some much needed rest and recuperation. I haven't really gone into any details, but my body was giving me very serious signs that I needed to slow down and back off the throttle a notch. However, I don't understand how to keep from pinning it, and what ensued was a magnificent Winter Break filled with amazing food, fantastic friends, time with my entire family, medicinal (mis)-adventures, a custom engine build-up, Riding, a road-trip, and an abundance of Love. Hundreds of smiles and photos later, I'm sitting at Planet Cafe in Barcelona organizing my thoughts because it's time to get back to writing. It's time to get back to publishing my life while I'm bouncing around the globe on this crazy ride that is my life in MotoGP!

Oh, and as long as I'm putting materiale out there on the web, here's a track that I picked up while I was in California: You're Gonna Love This, more Dutch Pop for ya! Thanks Behb!


My God...he Lives. Good to see you back at work and healthy. Cheers for what lay ahead, Liam.

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