June 26, 2008

The Man is going Dutch.

12 hours after I left the hotel in Derby, England, I stepped into our hotel in Groeningen, Holland, tired from the long travel and delayed flight out of Birmingham, but swelling with happiness to be back at Assen once again.

I love the small town we stay in (about 30 minutes drive from the circuit), which is filled with rowdy Dutch college students, and the architecture and scenic waterways cutting throughout the countryside and into the city speak to me - that life is flowing, in and out, and it is never stagnant. Not to mention the old time buildings, never quite matching up like the Victorians in San Francisco, each one quirky, different, and full of charm, much like the people I have come to respect and admire. I'm sure that at some point in my life I will live here, absorbing the culture and learning as I go. It is a fascinating place for me, and as I would walk through the crooked stone streets of the city centre, I listened as this soundtrack followed in my footsteps.


hi Liam
I have been reading and looking at the pictures. Awesome! also I must say that you have a very mischevious smile on some of your pic's you look so cute.....
xox Terri

Great picture Liam!
Thank you for honouring my hometown Groningen.

Terrific Pic!

I read about some major changes at your Team. Does this impact you at all?

Cheers Lex

Hi Liam,

Great result from the 'Ring. I heard SG say he had to turn the TC off from lap 2. No TC, Motogp bike and heavy rain. Supreme!

Good luck for LS.


TONI 2ND!!!!!!


Congrats on the great result at BRNO!!! Here's to a fantastic second half of the season.

Congrats on second in Brno Liam! Hopefully everything is hunky dory as you haven't posted in a while!

Another podium for Elias! Congrats again Liam!

Congrats on the second podium this year! And it certainly won't be the last one, I'm sure :) Keep it that way!

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